Innovative by Tradition
1975. The Tuscan craftmanship tradition meets the Fedi family’s experience. OTC Snc was born, a Company specializing in the distribution of internal doors and windows for the national market.
2000. OTC snc turns into OTC DOORS Srl. New sites and new sales facilities are openedto respond effectively to the need of increasingly large and international markets.
2005. OTC DOORS builds in Serravalle Pistoiese a new prduction plant covering over 4,000 square metres, provided with cutting-edge machinery and equipment, to increase performance and quality standards of its products.
2014. ITP Srl was born, as an acronym for Industria Toscana Porte, which manifactures and distributes OTC DOORS brand products. The new Company marks a generational shift from the founder to his sons and new partners, who hold and follow directly the main features of the design, production, trade and financial processes.

Made In Tuscany, Italia
The manufacturing plant in Serravalle Pistoiese, which covers an area of 4000 square meters, is the headquarters where they take the form creations signed OTC DOORS. This system accommodates an innovative system of processing islands with high precision automated machinery capable of achieving with the same efficiency both in series production orders that custom even in small quantities. From design to assembly, from quality control to shipping all over the world: each stage of the production process is followed directly from the property making use of highly specialized personnel, to guarantee products that are the result of a perfect mix of technology and tradition, worthy interpreters excellence Made in Italy. The plant also includes a large showroom where internal agents, retailers, designers and their end customers can touch the quality of products and evaluate preview the latest OTC DOORS.

OTC DOORS for the Environment
Environmental sustainability and the respect of human health are fundamental values for OTC DOORS that actively engages through informed choices in their own production facility, such as the use of energy from renewable sources with a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions. The photovoltaic system installed at our factory is able to meet the annual energy requirements of the company and more than 50 families.


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